Friday, February 20, 2009

Who knew Paxson had it in him...

Hey sorry, I've been slacking on the posting for the last week, I've been busy job hunting and doing a bunch of other stuff. Since my last post a lot of stuff has gone down, especially in the NBA. Most recently the trade deadline, which was really all hype. No big trades, unless your a Bulls fan like me. I personally loved most of the deadline moves although I don't understand why we would get Jerome James so we can pay him 10 million dollars for averaging 2 points. I get we are trying to free up space for 2010, but given the economic situation I think its ridiculous anyone should be paid that amount to not play.
My favorite move is the Brad Miller and Salmons trade for Noc, probably the first good move Paxson has made in his tenure as Bulls GM. Miller gives the Bulls a legitimate post scorer, and Salmons is way underrated and is having a career year, although he will be splitting time with Luol Deng at the small forward position. Getting rid of Hughes was great, and I am indifferent about Thabo leaving, he's got potential but the Bulls have a logjam at the guard spots. Miller will help Tyrus and Joakim because of his scoring and passing ability, it should create more space and opportunities for them to score, plus his knowledge is a major plus. I like the current makeup of the team, minus the coach. Vinny Del Negro should not have been hired in the first place, let alone still be coaching the team post all-star break. He had no previous head coaching experience at any level, and I don't think the players listen to him. His substitution patterns make no sense, he takes Derrick Rose out in the fourth quarter, and always takes players out when they got hot (usually you take them out when they go cold). I also feel there are few ways to measure the quality of an NBA coach, because most successful coaches have great players. One of the best ways to see what a coach can do is after a timeout, if they draw up a quick play for an easy play from the sideline. When the Spurs call timeout they almost usually score or go to the free throw line, its automatic. In High School it was almost guaranteed two points if we called timeout and got to draw up a play. However, whenever Del Negro calls timeout, it usually backfires, most of the time players end up out of position and the possession ends up in a turnover, pretty pathetic. I also wouldn't mind seeing some fire from him, get a couple technicals or get tossed out of a game, show some life besides the look of disbelief whenever Tyrus pretends he's a point guard and throws the ball out of bounds.
The Bulls have set themselves up pretty well for the 2010 free agent free for all. All order will be restored in the NBA when Dwayne Wade returns home to team up with DRose and togetehr they convince Chris Bosh to join them in Chi-town. So come 2011 or 2012 the Bulls will be hoisting their seventh championship banner...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Eric Devendorf is a goon, and he sucks at basketball...

So I woke up on Saturday morning, pretty hungover and decided to stay in bed and watch some college basketball until the headache went away. I was watching a pretty exciting match up between Villanova and Syracuse, two intriguing Big East teams. However, this was probably at least the sixth Syracuse game I have watched this year, and during every game I have the same reoccurring thought, "Wow, Eric Devendorf really sucks, and his tattoos are ridiculous."
Here was Eric Devendorf's stat line, 6-18 shooting, 7 Turnovers, 4 Asts, 21 points. His career assist to turnover ratio is a miserable .88. My favorite play was when he turned it over, and fouled the guy on the ensuing layup for an and one. Every time I watch Syracuse, Devendorf drives me crazy and then his teammates do nothing to help the team either. Johnny Flynn and Paul Harris each think their second coming of Carmello Anthony, and Jim Boheim seems content to let them jack up horrible shots and commit terrible turnovers. Meanwhile, they can't even play defense, if they could they wouldn't sit in a 2-3 zone all game. All in all, Syracuse is the least impressive, and overrated team in their conference. They will probably win some games against quality teams in their league because they're talented, but they will also probably lose a lot more games to really bad teams like DePaul or USF. I just wonder how many more tats Devendorf is likely to have by then, and if any can top his new neck ink ("Madelyn" the name of new baby girl)...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Bonnaroo Lineup Announced...SICK!

Here is the the official lineup of Bonnaroo 2009, Manchster TN, June 11-14 so far: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Phish (2 Shows), Beastie Boys, Nine Inch Nails, David Byrne, Wilco, Al Green, Snoop Dogg, Elvis Costello Solo, Erykah Badu, Paul Oakenfold, Ben Harper and Relentless7,The Mars Volta, TV on the Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Gov’t Mule, Andrew Bird, Band Of Horses, Merle Haggard, MGMT, moe., The Decemberists, Girl Talk, Bon Iver, Béla Fleck & Toumani Diabate, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Galactic, The Del McCoury Band, of Montreal, Allen Toussaint,Coheed and Cambria, Booker T & the DBTs, David Grisman Quintet, Lucinda Williams, Animal Collective, Gomez, Neko Case, Down, Jenny Lewis, Santogold, Robert Earl Keen,Citizen Cope, Lemi Kuti and the Positive Force, The Ting Tings, Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Kaki King, Grizzly Bear,King Sunny Adé, Okkervil River, St. Vincent, Zac Brown Band, Raphael Saadiq, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Crystal Castles, Tift Merritt, Brett Dennen, Mike Farris and the Roseland Rhythm Revue, Toubab Krewe, People Under the Stairs, Alejandro Escovedo,Vieux Farka Touré, Elvis Perkins In Dearland, Cherryholmes, Yeasayer, Todd Snider, Chairlift, Portugal. The Man., The SteelDrivers, Midnite, The Knux,The Low Anthem,Delta Spirit, A.A. Bondy, The Lovell Sisters, Alberta Cross, and more...

This lineup is pretty ridiculous, and I would put the odds of me going at 75-25. The top shows I want to see are: 2 Phish Shows (of course!), Moe., Beastie Boys, Wilco, David Byrne, MGMT, Girl Talk, Nine Inch Nails, Erykah Baduh, Gov't Mule, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Oakenfold, Bela Fleck and People Under the Stairs. I wish they had some more electronic type stuff like Lotus, or STS9, but beggars can't be choosers and it's still gonna be crazy...

I got served some humble pie...

Less than 24 hours after my post about Kobe being better than LeBron, LeBron records a record triple double in a dominating performance against the Knicks in MSG. He did shoot 16-19 from the line, very respectable, and recorded only the second triple double in history with over 50 points. However, this does does not change my position, that I would personally take Kobe over LeBron. Last night in the Celtics-Lakers game Kobe hit several huge shots to keep LA in the game or take the lead late, including a ridiculous three pointer with Pierce right in his grill to take the lead late. Kobe then had a chance to win the game, but settled for a turn around fading jump shot, but then made up for it on the next defensive play poking the ball away from pierce before he could even get a shot up. In overtime Kobe missed all of his shots, but still played solid defense and got the ball to Odom who ended up getting fouled and making the game winning free throws. Kobe lead his team to a huge win over the Celtics without Andrew Bynum, to go to 2-0 against them on the season. This was a huge win for the confidence of the Lakers and they finally showed some toughness and backbone by not backing down to the s-it talking Celtics.

My next point has to do with the New York Knicks. After giving up 61 points to Kobe Bryant, how can you let LeBron go for 55 and a triple a double in your own building!!! Foul someone, get a technical, a flagrant, set some several very illegal screens, pull his arms down whenever he goes to the hole, do something! I understand a Mike D'antoni team does not play defense, but where is the pride? Where are the cahones? Send in a goon off the end of the bench to use all 6 of his fouls. Where is the coaching? What was the meeting like the next day after Kobe went off? "Okay, so here's how Kobe dropped sixty on us, now lets not make any changes because this strategy clearly works and we want LeBron to put up big numbers so he comes here in two years." I can't believe any team, regardless of how bad the are, could allow such a thing to happen, Knicks fans should be royally pissed off.

Some extra random side notes:
*The Magic should get Starbury
*Elton Brand should have never left the Bulls, now look at him...
*The Cubs should get Manny
*Duke will not make the Final Four
*wtf Kentucky, every time we get ranked we lose three straight to bad teams

**Is there anything more beautiful in sports than Ray Allen's jumpshot? (excluding female tennis stars that end in -ova)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hilarious "Minesweeper the Movie " Video

My cousin's comedy group did this video for college humor, it's really funny, especially if you have ever played minesweeper. Check out all their video at or by searching Elephant Larry on youtube.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Kobe drops 61 just to remind people who the best player in the league really is...

Kobe's 61 points tonight just reaffirms, in case you forgot, who the best player in the NBA is. Say what you will about LeBron, yes his stats are absurd, averaging almost a triple double, but in my personal opinion Kobe is the BEST BASKETBALL player on the planet. LeBron is the BEST ATHLETE on the planet, he passes like Magic, and can finish at the rim like no one in history, but he's no Kobe. Did I also mention, Kobe has 3 championships and five championship appearances?

Here are some REAL stats I looked up at that show true field goal pct. When you actually look at LeBron's jump shot, he sucks, he's absolutely horrible. When you look at him driving the basketball, he's insane. Compared to Kobe, it's not even close. LeBron's 2 PT JUMP SHOT% .375 Kobe's: .457 Lebron's 3 pt Jump shot % .292 Kobe's: .349
This means Kobe makes about 2 less 3 pointers than Lebron James makes regular jump shots per hundred shots. Now here is where LeBron is just plain sick, his inside FG pct%, is 4th behind KG, Iguodala, and Nick Collison at .710. 71 PERCENT!! That's insane. Why doesn't he go to the rim every time, like I said he should, and score 70 percent of the time, get blocked 6 percent of the time, or go to the line 19 percent of the time? This only goes to show, LeBron is the best driver and finisher of the basketball maybe ever.
Here's another reason why KB is better than LBJ: game finishing, and just absolute offensive brilliance. Kobe has that killer instinct, Tiger has and MJ had. LeBron thinks he has it, and has shown some glimpses of it, but it's still not there consistently. Missing clutch free throws, having stupid turnovers, and settling for fancy MJ like game winning attempts and missing, is not the way to go. I will say that his performance against the Pistons in the playoffs was just plain sick, one of the best things I have ever seen in sports, but Kobe is a cold blooded assassin. I don't know how many game winning or clutch shots Kobe has hit, but judging from the five minute video of him on youtube, I'd say it's a lot. When I watch Kobe it's like he's mastered the game, almost the way MJ did. Kobe can do what he wants, when he wants and you can't stop him. LeBron, all you have to do is sag off and let him shoot jump shots, because he won't make them, it's a pretty simple strategy.
LeBron fans will point to his Hollinger PER rating, his 4th quarter production and leading the league in points in the fourth quarter, I attribute this to two things: 1) Him not trying all game 2) his teammates are wussies and don't want the ball in the 4th 3) Kobe's team has more threats to score and he doesn't get the ball as much. Here's another thing I would like LeBron to do, drop 61 points, then think about 81! What about going 20-20 at the free throw line? That's not happening anytime soon. Also, Kobe with a dislocated finger, which I can't believe he played with, owned the fourth quarter against the Cavs in their last meeting.
Basically, I am of the opinion LeBron is a freak athlete who on athleticism alone should average 30-35 points, if he ever gets a jump shot, he should average 40. When LeBron's career is over he will go down as one of the top three or four players ever, and probably put up some ridiculous mind boggling numbers. There's no ceiling for LeBron, the best is yet to come, and we probably have seen the best of Kobe, but until LeBron gets a couple rings for the New York Knicks and hits a game winner against someone other than the Golden State Warriors (which you shouldn't have to do anyway), Kobe is still the man and the closest thing to Jordan we will come for awhile, but all bets are off once Jon Scheyer makes it into the league.

Overall, I'd Give the Super Bowl 8.25 out of 10

In retrospect, I figure the best way to talk about the Super Bowl would be to come up with a decent formula, like the Hollinger P.E.R. for basketball, or BCS for football. So I rated the entire Super Bowl experience would be to rate the following three factors: a possible 10 pts for the actual game itself, 5 pts for commercials and 5 pts for the halftime.
The game: 10/10.
Best game ever? Maybe, debatable, possiblly. I thought start to finish, it was way better than the Giants and Patriots. More big plays, made by more big players, in crazy situations. Everyone lived up their hype, Fitzgerald, Harrison, Big Ben, and Kurt Warner all played great. I thought the Cardinals were the better team yesterday, they just happened to lose. Take away that defensive touchdown (which I think is the best play in Super Bowl history) at the end of the half, and the Cardinals win. The Cardinals beat themselves with so many stupid penalties, that critical turnover, and questionable first half play calling. They shut down the Steelers offense, until the last drive, when the Steelers, to their credit, stepped up and made plays. Overall, it was just a great football game, on the largest stage in American sports. Definitely 10 out of 10.

Commercials: 3/5
I was super disappointed. First off, I didn't see the Miller High Life 1 second commercial, and I watched the entire game. Second, I felt like I was watching the game on Fox, like everything was designed for retards: The Doritos commercial, man gets hit in balls,, chicks with large boobs, Bud Light drinkability, cheezy as always. Most of the commercials were unoriginal and few were very funny. I thought the commercial with all the repetition, the Audi/Jason Stathem commercial, Hyundai and two of the Pepsi commercials were the cream of the crop. The Polamalu commercial was also great and unexpected, good for a chuckle. Overall though, majorly disappointed.

Halftime: 3.5/5
Only because Bruce Springsteen is the man, and an American icon, is the score this high. The pyrotechnics and stage were pretty bomb, but the performance itself was slightly disappointing. I thought I was watching a suburban yuppie try to prove to his kids that "he's still got it". How many stereotypical rockstar poses and action moves did he do? Well let's see, there was the "Swing the guitar around my neck" move, the "jump on the piano move" (which Costas said he couldn't still do), the "Stereotypical rockstar circular arm motion", and my personal favorite "Slide on your knees, bash your nuts into the camera" move. I didn't want or need to see the Boss' junk in high def, on a big screen, I personally thought that was more traumatizing to little kids across America than Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction, but there is not public outcry. Bruce's junk aside, the song selection was pretty solid, his old guitar was ballin', but no one in the band ever had a sweet solo or jam. The performance left some more to be desired, it just seemed that Bruce was trying to prove he was still young and could perform more than actually providing entertainment for halftime.
So average these point totals together and you get 8.25 out of 10, pretty solid, a B- if you will. The game was historic and extremely entertaining, but between the unoriginal commercials, John Madden's mastery of explaining the obvious, and the Boss' package in high def, it left some room for improvement.