Saturday, February 7, 2009

Eric Devendorf is a goon, and he sucks at basketball...

So I woke up on Saturday morning, pretty hungover and decided to stay in bed and watch some college basketball until the headache went away. I was watching a pretty exciting match up between Villanova and Syracuse, two intriguing Big East teams. However, this was probably at least the sixth Syracuse game I have watched this year, and during every game I have the same reoccurring thought, "Wow, Eric Devendorf really sucks, and his tattoos are ridiculous."
Here was Eric Devendorf's stat line, 6-18 shooting, 7 Turnovers, 4 Asts, 21 points. His career assist to turnover ratio is a miserable .88. My favorite play was when he turned it over, and fouled the guy on the ensuing layup for an and one. Every time I watch Syracuse, Devendorf drives me crazy and then his teammates do nothing to help the team either. Johnny Flynn and Paul Harris each think their second coming of Carmello Anthony, and Jim Boheim seems content to let them jack up horrible shots and commit terrible turnovers. Meanwhile, they can't even play defense, if they could they wouldn't sit in a 2-3 zone all game. All in all, Syracuse is the least impressive, and overrated team in their conference. They will probably win some games against quality teams in their league because they're talented, but they will also probably lose a lot more games to really bad teams like DePaul or USF. I just wonder how many more tats Devendorf is likely to have by then, and if any can top his new neck ink ("Madelyn" the name of new baby girl)...

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  1. lmao... your a moron that doesn't understand basketball. if it wasn't for devendorf the orange won't have been a 3 seed in the tournament. and if he sucks why is he a D1 basketball team???