Friday, February 6, 2009

I got served some humble pie...

Less than 24 hours after my post about Kobe being better than LeBron, LeBron records a record triple double in a dominating performance against the Knicks in MSG. He did shoot 16-19 from the line, very respectable, and recorded only the second triple double in history with over 50 points. However, this does does not change my position, that I would personally take Kobe over LeBron. Last night in the Celtics-Lakers game Kobe hit several huge shots to keep LA in the game or take the lead late, including a ridiculous three pointer with Pierce right in his grill to take the lead late. Kobe then had a chance to win the game, but settled for a turn around fading jump shot, but then made up for it on the next defensive play poking the ball away from pierce before he could even get a shot up. In overtime Kobe missed all of his shots, but still played solid defense and got the ball to Odom who ended up getting fouled and making the game winning free throws. Kobe lead his team to a huge win over the Celtics without Andrew Bynum, to go to 2-0 against them on the season. This was a huge win for the confidence of the Lakers and they finally showed some toughness and backbone by not backing down to the s-it talking Celtics.

My next point has to do with the New York Knicks. After giving up 61 points to Kobe Bryant, how can you let LeBron go for 55 and a triple a double in your own building!!! Foul someone, get a technical, a flagrant, set some several very illegal screens, pull his arms down whenever he goes to the hole, do something! I understand a Mike D'antoni team does not play defense, but where is the pride? Where are the cahones? Send in a goon off the end of the bench to use all 6 of his fouls. Where is the coaching? What was the meeting like the next day after Kobe went off? "Okay, so here's how Kobe dropped sixty on us, now lets not make any changes because this strategy clearly works and we want LeBron to put up big numbers so he comes here in two years." I can't believe any team, regardless of how bad the are, could allow such a thing to happen, Knicks fans should be royally pissed off.

Some extra random side notes:
*The Magic should get Starbury
*Elton Brand should have never left the Bulls, now look at him...
*The Cubs should get Manny
*Duke will not make the Final Four
*wtf Kentucky, every time we get ranked we lose three straight to bad teams

**Is there anything more beautiful in sports than Ray Allen's jumpshot? (excluding female tennis stars that end in -ova)

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