Monday, February 2, 2009

Kobe drops 61 just to remind people who the best player in the league really is...

Kobe's 61 points tonight just reaffirms, in case you forgot, who the best player in the NBA is. Say what you will about LeBron, yes his stats are absurd, averaging almost a triple double, but in my personal opinion Kobe is the BEST BASKETBALL player on the planet. LeBron is the BEST ATHLETE on the planet, he passes like Magic, and can finish at the rim like no one in history, but he's no Kobe. Did I also mention, Kobe has 3 championships and five championship appearances?

Here are some REAL stats I looked up at that show true field goal pct. When you actually look at LeBron's jump shot, he sucks, he's absolutely horrible. When you look at him driving the basketball, he's insane. Compared to Kobe, it's not even close. LeBron's 2 PT JUMP SHOT% .375 Kobe's: .457 Lebron's 3 pt Jump shot % .292 Kobe's: .349
This means Kobe makes about 2 less 3 pointers than Lebron James makes regular jump shots per hundred shots. Now here is where LeBron is just plain sick, his inside FG pct%, is 4th behind KG, Iguodala, and Nick Collison at .710. 71 PERCENT!! That's insane. Why doesn't he go to the rim every time, like I said he should, and score 70 percent of the time, get blocked 6 percent of the time, or go to the line 19 percent of the time? This only goes to show, LeBron is the best driver and finisher of the basketball maybe ever.
Here's another reason why KB is better than LBJ: game finishing, and just absolute offensive brilliance. Kobe has that killer instinct, Tiger has and MJ had. LeBron thinks he has it, and has shown some glimpses of it, but it's still not there consistently. Missing clutch free throws, having stupid turnovers, and settling for fancy MJ like game winning attempts and missing, is not the way to go. I will say that his performance against the Pistons in the playoffs was just plain sick, one of the best things I have ever seen in sports, but Kobe is a cold blooded assassin. I don't know how many game winning or clutch shots Kobe has hit, but judging from the five minute video of him on youtube, I'd say it's a lot. When I watch Kobe it's like he's mastered the game, almost the way MJ did. Kobe can do what he wants, when he wants and you can't stop him. LeBron, all you have to do is sag off and let him shoot jump shots, because he won't make them, it's a pretty simple strategy.
LeBron fans will point to his Hollinger PER rating, his 4th quarter production and leading the league in points in the fourth quarter, I attribute this to two things: 1) Him not trying all game 2) his teammates are wussies and don't want the ball in the 4th 3) Kobe's team has more threats to score and he doesn't get the ball as much. Here's another thing I would like LeBron to do, drop 61 points, then think about 81! What about going 20-20 at the free throw line? That's not happening anytime soon. Also, Kobe with a dislocated finger, which I can't believe he played with, owned the fourth quarter against the Cavs in their last meeting.
Basically, I am of the opinion LeBron is a freak athlete who on athleticism alone should average 30-35 points, if he ever gets a jump shot, he should average 40. When LeBron's career is over he will go down as one of the top three or four players ever, and probably put up some ridiculous mind boggling numbers. There's no ceiling for LeBron, the best is yet to come, and we probably have seen the best of Kobe, but until LeBron gets a couple rings for the New York Knicks and hits a game winner against someone other than the Golden State Warriors (which you shouldn't have to do anyway), Kobe is still the man and the closest thing to Jordan we will come for awhile, but all bets are off once Jon Scheyer makes it into the league.

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  1. Here are LeBron's game winners in the playoffs...

    Game 3 vs Wizards 2006
    Game 5 vs Wizards 2006
    Game 5 vs Pistons 2007

    The reason he does not get the assassin label is because he gets to the rim for his game winning shots in the playoffs.