Sunday, February 1, 2009

Michael Phelps: Sorry for Partyin...

There is nothing I love more than famous athletes getting into trouble, especially when it's caused by their own stupidity (Plax, Nate Newton), and it's even better when it looks like he was at a college party. This makes me think several things: 1) Michael Phelps, you make millions, pay some huge dude in your entourage to crush anyone with a cameraphone while you're out doing your thing 2) Why are you partying on a college campus? 2b) Why the University of South Carolina? go to the real USC. 3) Why aren't you tearing up one tweezy or the 40-40 club in NYC? You could get in anywhere, and do anything, again why a crappy college campus?
My next point is that this photo does not surprise me, and judging by his form, he's probably done it before. Can you imagine the size of that hit? He has the lung capacity of an elephant. Several of my good friends went to Michigan during Phelps' tenure there, and they usually said something along the lines of "He's a big drunk, parties a lot, and is totally stupid." From this photo, his SNL performance, and watching at least 4 commercials where he doesn't even say anything but gets paid anyway, I'd say they are pretty dead on.

P.S.-there is no way in hell, that Michael Phelps speaks Chinese, let alone, uses Rosetta Stone.

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