Monday, February 2, 2009

Overall, I'd Give the Super Bowl 8.25 out of 10

In retrospect, I figure the best way to talk about the Super Bowl would be to come up with a decent formula, like the Hollinger P.E.R. for basketball, or BCS for football. So I rated the entire Super Bowl experience would be to rate the following three factors: a possible 10 pts for the actual game itself, 5 pts for commercials and 5 pts for the halftime.
The game: 10/10.
Best game ever? Maybe, debatable, possiblly. I thought start to finish, it was way better than the Giants and Patriots. More big plays, made by more big players, in crazy situations. Everyone lived up their hype, Fitzgerald, Harrison, Big Ben, and Kurt Warner all played great. I thought the Cardinals were the better team yesterday, they just happened to lose. Take away that defensive touchdown (which I think is the best play in Super Bowl history) at the end of the half, and the Cardinals win. The Cardinals beat themselves with so many stupid penalties, that critical turnover, and questionable first half play calling. They shut down the Steelers offense, until the last drive, when the Steelers, to their credit, stepped up and made plays. Overall, it was just a great football game, on the largest stage in American sports. Definitely 10 out of 10.

Commercials: 3/5
I was super disappointed. First off, I didn't see the Miller High Life 1 second commercial, and I watched the entire game. Second, I felt like I was watching the game on Fox, like everything was designed for retards: The Doritos commercial, man gets hit in balls,, chicks with large boobs, Bud Light drinkability, cheezy as always. Most of the commercials were unoriginal and few were very funny. I thought the commercial with all the repetition, the Audi/Jason Stathem commercial, Hyundai and two of the Pepsi commercials were the cream of the crop. The Polamalu commercial was also great and unexpected, good for a chuckle. Overall though, majorly disappointed.

Halftime: 3.5/5
Only because Bruce Springsteen is the man, and an American icon, is the score this high. The pyrotechnics and stage were pretty bomb, but the performance itself was slightly disappointing. I thought I was watching a suburban yuppie try to prove to his kids that "he's still got it". How many stereotypical rockstar poses and action moves did he do? Well let's see, there was the "Swing the guitar around my neck" move, the "jump on the piano move" (which Costas said he couldn't still do), the "Stereotypical rockstar circular arm motion", and my personal favorite "Slide on your knees, bash your nuts into the camera" move. I didn't want or need to see the Boss' junk in high def, on a big screen, I personally thought that was more traumatizing to little kids across America than Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction, but there is not public outcry. Bruce's junk aside, the song selection was pretty solid, his old guitar was ballin', but no one in the band ever had a sweet solo or jam. The performance left some more to be desired, it just seemed that Bruce was trying to prove he was still young and could perform more than actually providing entertainment for halftime.
So average these point totals together and you get 8.25 out of 10, pretty solid, a B- if you will. The game was historic and extremely entertaining, but between the unoriginal commercials, John Madden's mastery of explaining the obvious, and the Boss' package in high def, it left some room for improvement.

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