Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Blow Sunday

This is is my pregame banter for the Super Bowl. Right now the only reason I am compelled to watch it is because it's the last football game of the year, and then it's seven months of boring Sundays. I guess I would like to see the Arizona Cardinals win, just so John McCain could finally win something. Realistically I think the Steelers are gonna beat up on the Cardinals, their defense is so SICK and everyone underestimates Willie Parker. Don't get me wrong, the Cardinals have been on fire and tore up everyone in the NFC playoffs, you could tell they elevated their game and the defense has been swarming. Additionally, they are perfectly capable of putting up 40 points with their offense. However, the two weeks off might hurt their momentum and I just don't see them matching the physicality of the Steelers. I would like to see Kurt Warner win so he solidifies his under appreciated career, and is guaranteed a spot in Canton. I really hope the game is close, physical, and has a solid ending, but I just don't see it happening. I'm looking forward to the Miller High Life 1 Second Commercial, and eating some wings more than anything...
Final Prediction: Steelers 31- AZ 14 MVP: Willie Parker

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