Friday, February 20, 2009

Who knew Paxson had it in him...

Hey sorry, I've been slacking on the posting for the last week, I've been busy job hunting and doing a bunch of other stuff. Since my last post a lot of stuff has gone down, especially in the NBA. Most recently the trade deadline, which was really all hype. No big trades, unless your a Bulls fan like me. I personally loved most of the deadline moves although I don't understand why we would get Jerome James so we can pay him 10 million dollars for averaging 2 points. I get we are trying to free up space for 2010, but given the economic situation I think its ridiculous anyone should be paid that amount to not play.
My favorite move is the Brad Miller and Salmons trade for Noc, probably the first good move Paxson has made in his tenure as Bulls GM. Miller gives the Bulls a legitimate post scorer, and Salmons is way underrated and is having a career year, although he will be splitting time with Luol Deng at the small forward position. Getting rid of Hughes was great, and I am indifferent about Thabo leaving, he's got potential but the Bulls have a logjam at the guard spots. Miller will help Tyrus and Joakim because of his scoring and passing ability, it should create more space and opportunities for them to score, plus his knowledge is a major plus. I like the current makeup of the team, minus the coach. Vinny Del Negro should not have been hired in the first place, let alone still be coaching the team post all-star break. He had no previous head coaching experience at any level, and I don't think the players listen to him. His substitution patterns make no sense, he takes Derrick Rose out in the fourth quarter, and always takes players out when they got hot (usually you take them out when they go cold). I also feel there are few ways to measure the quality of an NBA coach, because most successful coaches have great players. One of the best ways to see what a coach can do is after a timeout, if they draw up a quick play for an easy play from the sideline. When the Spurs call timeout they almost usually score or go to the free throw line, its automatic. In High School it was almost guaranteed two points if we called timeout and got to draw up a play. However, whenever Del Negro calls timeout, it usually backfires, most of the time players end up out of position and the possession ends up in a turnover, pretty pathetic. I also wouldn't mind seeing some fire from him, get a couple technicals or get tossed out of a game, show some life besides the look of disbelief whenever Tyrus pretends he's a point guard and throws the ball out of bounds.
The Bulls have set themselves up pretty well for the 2010 free agent free for all. All order will be restored in the NBA when Dwayne Wade returns home to team up with DRose and togetehr they convince Chris Bosh to join them in Chi-town. So come 2011 or 2012 the Bulls will be hoisting their seventh championship banner...

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